Build innovative creations on blockchain



You’ll be challenged to create meaningful solutions to tackle variety of business problems (or your own ideas!) on blockchains. Haven’t worked with it yet? No problem. Focused on cultivating blockchain talent and giving you the best opportunity to build, Blockchain University along with key partners, will be providing mentorship and technical workshops throughout.

Check these out in advance!


Saturday & Sunday, October 31st – November 1st


  • doors open at 10am
  • morning session: Welcome remarks, blockchain 101 workshop, team formation, begin hacking
  • lunch
  • afternoon session: mini break out sessions, continue hacking
  • dinner
  • hacking ends at 10pm


  • doors open at 9am
  • morning session: hacking continues, presentation rehearsals
  • lunch
  • afternoon: submissions due, demos, judge deliberations, awards
  • hackathon ends at 4pm

Winners of the hackathon are invited to present at demo night on monday, November 2nd. Others are welcome to catch demos of other recent blockchain proof of concepts and mingle, network, eat & drink!


MSFTReactor (Microsoft's new space in SoMa!)
680 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA


Open community of blockchain developers, product managers, project managers, entrepreners, designers along with Blockchain University, awesome ecosystem founders and amazing sponsors


Take a look at the project list, or submit your own, and join a team on Devpost!

You’ll have 30 min to find an idea and team to join during the Hackathon on Saturday (choose from an existing hack challenge, or your come with your own and find teammates).

Get connected, wi fi it up, snag a table and start building.

Feel free to lean on Blockchain University alumni & mentors, stay energized on food & drinks, have fun!

Demo and judging takes place Sunday.

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You are welcome to join us if you:

  • like to create & make
  • know nothing about blockchain technology
  • know a lot of blockchain technology
  • have an existing project idea
  • have no project ideas
  • want to have fun building awesome blockchain projects


Hackers will have the opportunity to build towards specific hack challenges, ideate their own or join forces with a team with a project idea.

Only projects that were started and created starting Saturday, October 31 will be elligible for 1st place prize.

How to enter

1. Get your ticket

2. Submit your idea here on DevPost

3. Join us Saturday!


Tim Swanson

Tim Swanson
Director of Market Research, R3

Regina Scolaro

Regina Scolaro
Director of Growth Marketing, BitGo

John Lindsay

John Lindsay
CEO, Bitwage

Kevin Takaoka

Kevin Takaoka
Venture Associate, Draper Nexus

Brian Zisk

Brian Zisk
Founder of Future of Money & Tech Summit

Judging Criteria

  • Judging criteria will be explained during the hackathon!